A Happy Medium for Politics?

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For those of you who have been visiting this blog as one of the last few places not talking about the U.S. presidential election, I thank you for visiting and gently announce that this entry will be discussing the campaigns’ media choices. Don’t worry – I promise not to embed any sound bites!


Think. Care. VOTE!

Think. Care. VOTE!




A recent BusinessWeek article quotes a campaign advisor from the 2004 race talking about the ways things were changing four years ago, when tracking the evening news “turned out to be a fundamentally wrong choice. What was happening underneath us was this enormous swell of the grassroots” that didn’t show up at all in those newscasts. In the four years since then, YouTube and Facebook have been born, and a variety of new media possibilities now complicate or enhance campaign possibilities, depending on a planner’s point of view.


Plenty has been written about the Republican and Democratic campaigns, so this post will highlight some of the less covered parties’ forays into the world of new media. The Constitution Party has a video and downloadable literature available on its Web site, although its blog seems to be inactive; the CP of Texas is more adventurous, even podcasting on Net Party. The Green Party is on MySpace and Facebook, has a channel on YouTube, and has formed a Yahoo Group. The Libertarian Party updates its blog several times a week and is on MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Perhaps the parties that can’t seem to capture the attention of the major television networks can reach out to people where they live in new, more personal media.


What medium do you think has been the most influential in this year’s election? See the poll in the sidebar and vote!


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