Who’s Blogging about your Brand?

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There’s a lot of talk these days about the importance of blogging. Should our company have a blog? Who will be in charge of it? Do we have to let legal look at everything before we publish it? If we allow comments, how will we deal with the negative ones?


These are all excellent questions. However, even if your company isn’t reaching out to your customers with a blog, there may already be a blog out there about your brand. I’m talking about unofficial blogs, such as Netflixfan, Starbucks Gossip, and The Unofficial Tivo Blog.  We all want our customers and investors to feel strongly about our brands, but we need to remember that strong feelings often promote strong actions, such as blogging about new introductions, price increases, management changes, discontinued programs, and memorable customer service experiences. While a blog such as Netflixfan may be primarily a positive reinforcer for the brand, some blogs can spread brand hate across the blogosphere. Two notable hate blogs take aim at Crocs and General Motors (links not provided due to extensive obscenities on those blogs).


What can a company do? First, it’s a good idea to assign the task of doing a regular search of blogs for mentions of your brand. If your company manufactures the little spongy things that go on earbuds, then you may find that one minute a day is more than enough to spend monitoring the blogosphere. On the other hand, if you’re Coca-Cola or McDonald’s, I hope you have an ergonomic workstation, because you’re going to be at this for a while.


Secondly, what are you going to do with what you find? You may be pleased to find that three people have established blogs in praise of your brand. If so, you may at least want to comment or send them an email thanking them for their enthusiasm and loyalty. Better yet, you could send them a sample of your brand new chocolate bar or sunblock to try and perhaps review on the blog. Be prepared, though; they may be very candid in their blog! Those who comment probably will be, too, and that might produce some info you want to pass on to R&D. What if you find a blog that discusses your industry in general, and someone has posted a comment that casts your brand in a very negative light? Then it’s time to weigh your options and perhaps jump in. You could ask for some more information and offer to help resolve the problem, if that’s within your power, or you could express regret for their bad experience and say you hope they’ll give your brand another chance.


There are several ways to engage your publics through blogs, but first you have to get into the blogosphere! How do you engage bloggers about your brand?


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